Sharp offers a full line of workgroup laser facsimiles designed to meet the needs of today's busy office environments. 


A powerful high volume solution for mission critical faxing. The DC-600 offers a 33.6 Kbps Super G3 modem with a dual line option for simultaneous transmissions and receptions. Additionally, the machine comes standard with a 1250 sheet paper capacity, 4 MB memory expandable to 16 MB, and 248 auto dial keys. 
FO-DC600 Spec Sheet



Utilizing a Super G3 modem, the FO-5700 is an intelligent solution for any office looking to maximize efficiency. 
FO-DC525 Brochure


Maximize your resources with the laser fax built for performance and reliability. With a 14.4K bps modem, the DC550 handles all your business communications needs.
FO-DC550 Brochure



The FO-4470 Super G3 facsimile is built for performance, offering a 33.6Kbps, 2 MB standard memory, 8 page-per-minute print speed, and a 250 sheet paper supply.
FO-4450 Brochure


Designed for the growing business, the FO-4750 workgroup laser fax offers a 14.4Kbps modem, 8 page-per-minute print speed, and a 250 sheet paper supply. 
FO-4650 Brochure


FAXES Multifunction

Sharp's multifunction
facsimiles allow you to use one machine to fax, copy, print, or scan.

With superior performance and scan to email capability, the FO-3150 with a 14.4K bps modem enhances any business.  The FO-3150 offers a 14.4Kbps modem, MMR compression, and 2 MB of standard memory.  An economical laser solution.
FO-3150 Brochure


Plain Paper Thermal

Sharp's plain paper
thermal-transfer facsimiles are feature rich and offer high quality and value.

The plain paper fax that is affordable! The compact FO-1460 is designed to keep your business moving with productive, feature-filled design and efficient operation.  Enjoy superior performance with this compact addition to Sharp's award winning product line.  With a 14.4Kbps modem, 476 KB standard memory, 20 sheet ADF, and a 2000 sheet paper capacity, the FO-1470 can improve efficiency in any small office. 
FO-1470 Brochure


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